Don’t you just feel overwhelmed with all the advice out there? It’s like you need to hustle 28 hours a day, raise 17 children, save the planet, and help elderly people cross the street.

It’s overwhelming for everyone and the worst thing is…. it doesn’t work!

There had to be another way. So I spend years searching, researching, and experimenting to find it.

And I did!

That’s why I started Growthabits. I wanted to share all the insights I gained through years of hard work with you and help you achieve results in a way that won’t make you burn out, forget that you have friends and family and completely neglect your love life.

Success isn’t an either or term. It can and should be integrated into your life and make you have time for family, friends, love life, and hobbies.

Habits are the secret ingredient for that and they have helped me:

  • Read 40+ books every year by spending no more than 40 min daily on them.
  • Getting published on the biggest publications in the world by writing only 20 min a day.
  • Building a business without feeling burned out.
  • Having a blog with 100 000 unique visitors a year by writing only one piece of content a week.
  • Having a rocking six pack from going regularly to the gym (well…. Still no six pack, but the gym habit is there).
  • And more...

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I learned all of this the hard way so that you don’t have to. And that’s why I will share my experience, knowledge, and skill with you on growthabits.com

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Looking forward to growing habits.