Do you know the shape of eyebrows can enhance your look? If not get to know how eyebrow shaping can improve your overall look. Generally, if you shape your eyebrow that gives flattering look to your face and also balances the facial features. When you have very thick eyebrows there you have to tweeze them similarly if you have small thin eyebrows there you should cover them with an eyebrow pencil. So when you are more interested in wearing makeup you should get to know the simple ways to shape eyebrows. Through this article, you can able to find ways to shape your eyebrow.

Ways to shape your eyebrow

The first and foremost thing you should prepare yourself to shape your eyebrows and should accompany with all the things required for shaping them like eyebrow pencil and tweezers.

inner eyebrow

Now you have to look at your eyebrow and should determine where your inner eyebrow should start because everyone’s eyebrow will get different. In that case, decide where your inner eyebrow should end and mark it with the eyebrow pencil accurately with the help of a ruler.

After deciding on the inner eyebrow you have to determine where the eyebrow should peak and where it should be down. This is the place where most beginners make mistakes. So to avoid it and to take an accurate mark you have to look straight into the mirror and should keep your face straight. To make the measurement easier here is the tip, look at the line where it intersects your eyebrow and mark them with an eyebrow pencil.

Determine the place where your outer eyebrow should end, you can find them with where your outermost edge of the eye ends.

eyebrow pencilLike how you are measuring the inner and outer end of the eyebrow you should determine the thickness of the eyebrow and draw the line to get the proper shape. You can find them through the natural curvature of your eyebrow. After drawing the line you have to pluck the extra strays that fall above or below the line.

While shaping your eyebrows you should also keep the shape of your face in mind. If you don’t know your face shapes first identify it that helps you in shaping your eyebrows perfectly.

Getting knowledge on eyebrow shaping when you are thinking about it is very important, so that you can able to shape them in the right way. This article can help you in shaping your eyebrows.