Everyone knows that to avoid the formation of pregnancy anyone can make use of birth control pills but do you know that there is something called a birth control patch. If not, then through this article get to know about the birth control patch and the advantages of a patch. If you get to know of it then your choice will be this because of the advantages they are providing you. Even though the birth control patches are there in use for several years only a few know about it and the best part of using them is you need not intake them. You have to stick them to your skin and that helps you by preventing ovulation. This patch contains hormones called estrogen and progestin which are present in birth control pills.

After getting an idea about the birth control patches you can read further to get to know about their advantages.

Easy to use

When you are using the birth control pills there you should have them between particular intervals but when you have started using these birth control patches you need not worry about the time. All you want to do is stick the patch to your skin wherever you want and should change the patch once a week. Removing them is also so simple when you have decided to get pregnant you can stop using them. but before sticking it on sensitive areas like patch under eyes it is better to take suggestion from the experts.

Effective results

The birth control patches contain two types of hormones in them they are estrogen and progestin, these are the hormones which is also incorporated in the birth control pills.

But when it comes to effectiveness the patch is the best they are providing a 99% effective rate in preventing ovulation. But to keep them effective you have to keep them at some temperature and they should be kept directly under the sun, follow the instructions provided on the patch to get effective results.

patch contains hormones

Other benefits

Other than two of these benefits you can get some more benefits like a lighter period and fewer cramps, which also reduce acne and make your skin softer. More than anything you can get pregnant easily as soon as you remove the patch from your skin.

Using the birth control patch will be the best option than going with taking the birth control pills because the side effects are comparatively lesser than those pills.