Looks are supposed to make us attractive from our head to toe we need to synchronize perfectly to add the best attire. From dressing, makeup, and of course the hairstyle has a branded place for a person’s appearance.

Coloring or styling involves a haircut for sure at least a small amount of trimming is needed. Haircuts are like a lifeline to a person who has to upgrade their look but to cut your own hair short is not a recommended idea. However if your are still looking for guides of how to cut your own hair short, you can see it here.

Stylists are the option we should go for as the results of your hand might result in regret. Having an idea to trim your hair or to cut the ends can also be deceiving if we don’t follow the rules.

Inspiration for self-try

It is likely understandable for us to see a beauty vlogger or you tubers self-styling video and getting the urge to go for it. But the reality might hit us hard in a different way what if we cut our hair unevenly or ruin the style we had so far. Even high-end stylists do not often try to cut or beautify their hair on their own and getting it done as an experiment is not a good idea. As the results can be different from what we expected as it requires skills to get them done.

The results

The key reason is we might lose our long-grown hair we grew for months in seconds of mistakes. We can’t deny the fact that stylists who practice for years sometimes don’t get desired results in haircuts. In experimentation of cutting your own hair in short layers, there are possibilities that we don’t get a chance to replenish our for-a while. If the hair is cut too short or uneven it will especially in bangs the hair loss is heavy as we lack in talent for using those tools.

Tool’s procedure

A stylish is different from a newbie who wants a DIY short haircut as we are not aware of the idea of how to handle the tools we utilize. The usage of wrong tools will damage hair and create split ends as tools we use are not the ones for a pro stylist. As people who experiment with self-haircut are mostly try basics so they just go for office scissors or kitchen scissors.

That is definitely a no as styling scissors are different and looking for a professional setup is the best idea.