Lemongrass is a kind of oil that is in great demand among this generation of people but still, most people don’t know about this oil. They get the name lemongrass because when you crushed the leaves of this plant you will be getting the lemon smell. This lemongrass is also called Cymbopogon the oil from the plant is derived by the steam distillation process. Lemongrass oil offers lots of benefits to health, skin, and hair, and this oil is used in various treatments like aromatherapy. When you are using this oil you have to use any of the carrier oils with them like almond oil, coconut oil, or some other.

Hair dryness

Dandruff issues

In this generation people’s one of those biggest problems is dandruff. Due to the heavy pollution and climatic changes they are getting dandruff so easily. In that case, you can treat them with the help of this lemongrass oil. Add few drops of lemongrass oil to your hair oil and then apply it to your hair if you continue using it for few days you can eliminate dandruff from your scalp. This is one of those admiring benefits of lemongrass oil for hair.

Hair dryness

Next to dandruff, the thing which irritates the individual is dry hair. there are so many reasons for getting dry hair like the products you are using on them, food habits, genetic, or some other reasons but you have to resolve them as soon as possible if the hair is your priority thing. Here you can prefer the lemongrass oil applying for hair by mixing it with any of the carrier oil. On using them slowly you can find the changes in your hair.

Resolve itchiness

Sometimes you may feel itchiness in your scalp due to no reasons that may because of dehydration or lack of essential oil in your scalp. By applying them to your scalp and hair or by giving the lemongrass oil massage over your hair you can resolve the irritation issues just like that.

Reduce the stress

Body and mental stress also become one of those reasons for hair fall in that case you can reduce the stress over your body by using lemongrass oil.

Before using any of the products over your hair you should get to know the benefits you can get from using them so that you can make use of them effectively.