Every girl’s biggest wish is to have shining and good texture hair but due to the lifestyle, they are leading it becomes only a dream for them. But still, remember anyone can have good hair in nature through following the proper diet and by avoiding those junk foods. Because the well-balanced diet can provide a 13 variety of vitamins to your body, the vitamin and iron are most essential components for good hair. These days, you can find a question that which vitamins help hair growth, to answer this question there are no such specific vitamins are identified still now but to identify it some of the researches are going on.


According to recent studies, some the vitamins like vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin B are considered to be very important of other vitamins to encourage hair growth. So people who are consuming these vitamins rich foods can have good hair growth.

Even though these vitamins are available in food most people are searching for vitamin products. Of course, you can also use those vitamin products externally but it doesn’t give you a prolonged result like you are getting from taking it through food.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is rich in fish, milk, mushrooms, and egg yolks so take them to put this vitamin inside you. You can also get this vitamin D by exposing your body to the early morning sun.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is rich in anti-oxidant properties in the body and when vitamin E is less in your blood they predominantly witnessing alopecia problems. So avoid it by taking the fish, almonds, and spinach varieties.

Vitamin B

B complex vitamins can give a solution to your hair loss issues and you can get this vitamin in various foods like fish, eggs, spinach, nuts, avocado, and much more. Know of them and try to consume them.

In the above content, healthy hair vitamins are discussed when you are very much concerned about your hair read and get an idea about it.