If you are having long hair and thinking about having a haircut but still uninspired by hairstyles to help you in getting the right haircut, here are some of the cute layered hairstyles for long straight hair has provided below which can assist you in picking the right hairstyle. Usually, in the layer hairstyles, you will be cutting the top layers of hair when comparing to the bottom layer of the hair. Through having the layer cut you can get a face-framing effect and that makes your hair look thicker than its original volume.

Multi-layer mix hairstyle

Generally, the long hair girl wants their hair sleek in that case they can try these multi-layer mix hairstyles. Even the thin hair looks voluminous on having this chic cut and this mixture layer cuts add charms to their overall look.

Swoopy layers

If you have straight silk hair then you can try a blunt end u shaped choppy cut that makes you look trendier on any outfit. But when you prefer to have this haircut you should pick the right hairstylist because it requires little perfection. At the same time, before having it takes a suggestion from your hairstylist.

long hairStraight and chic hairstyle

Most of the likes like that feathery haircut because that gives them a face-framing effect. On having it you need not sacred about scarifying your hair because you only going to trim your bottom hairs. This haircut gives movement to your hair and also gives the perfect shape for it. Even you have a high ponytail or loose hair it makes look perfect on anything.

Above mentioned few long hair hairstyle ideas can help you in deciding which long straight layer cut you can have, so look for them and pick the one which you like the most among the above mentioned.